Slow iPad wifi accessing hotel wifi internet connection

Ipad slow wifi could be due to heavy wireless internet usage with streaming media, such as YouTube or Netflix.

A common time for an Ipad wifi slow, or hotel wifi systems to fail are on weekends.  This could be due to a full hotel, with guests such as school groups where the students are watching movies on their iPad tablets via hotel wifi.

Many hotel users are not even turning on the hotel televisions.


iPad wifi slow at a single hotel wifi system access point

Many home wifi access points are designed to handle only 15 to 20 wifi devices.  Home/residential wifi access points are usually very inexpensive.  A high quality, expensive home wifi access point can cost around $200.00 at a big box retailer.

If a motel wants to cut costs and install an inexpensive hotel wifi system, they could install three, or less home access points, instead of commercial grade hotel wifi systems.  With a capacity of only 15 to 20 wifi devices, a hotel wifi system built with retail Access Points will struggle to support up to 60 wifi devices.

Many business travelers carry 4 wifi devices; a laptop, a tablet, and two smart phones.  If just 15 business travelers use all 4 wifi devices at the hotel, only 15 business wifi users can saturate an inexpensive hotel wifi system.

Many small hotels are around 70 rooms, so just a small percentage of business travelers wifi devices can overload an improperly designed and inexpensive hotel wifi system.

Add to this wifi usage, Ipad slow hotel wifi could be due to heavy wireless internet usage with streaming media, such as YouTube or Netflix.  Many hotel wifi users could watch streaming media movies, and cause an under-engineered hotel wifi system to crash.

The solution to slow hotel wifi to iPads is to install commercial grade hotel wifi solutions, and not inexpensive retail WiFi access points.

Many hotel flat screen TV’s are only lower resolution 720, have a poor non-HD connection, and poor sound quality.  A Smart tablet with wifi has the ability to watch HD streaming media movies on a high resolution tablet, with high quality stereo earphones.  An HD movie streaming to a table over a hotel wifi system could consume up to 2 MB/s of data bandwidth, per wifi device. Less than 10 wifi devices streaming HD media could cause an inexpensive hotel wifi access point to crash.

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hotel WiFi is slow

ipad wifi slow

iPad wifi is slow because many hotel guests steam video via the hotel wifi system, rather than watch the in room TV via cable.