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Our wifi marketing can help you measure your customer visits to your venue or business.

Nearly everyone carries a wifi device, from age 2 or older.  We can provide real time reports of where people are located in your facility, and also how long that they visit a particular area of your venue.  When someone with a wifi device visits your site, we can track where they go, allowing you to send coupons to help close the sale.  Today, virtually everyone carries at least one wifi device, and we can track where these devices visit your facility, and how long they linger in a particular area of your site.  By knowing where your customers are spending time, you can alter your business activities to accomodate your customers.

For festivals and fairs with large numbers of visitors, we can assist your venue security by determining if a large number of people are congregating in a particular area.  Knowing if an area is becoming a congregation location, security personnel can be alaerted be properly located to manage the crowds.  You can send coupons to visitors in these congested areas, and incentivize them to other areas of the venue, to help spread out the crowd, and also allow under utilized areas of your venue to make more sales.

Your wifi hotspots can be used as social media marketing hotspots, because visitors log in to use wifi with their social media credentials, allowing these visitors to easily post that they are at your store, and they can easily send photos of your products to their friends.  YOu will know the age, sex, and email address of your visitors, allowing you to have a future keep in touch email campaign.

Wifi proximity marketing allows your wifi hotspots can detect where users are inside your facility. If visitors tend to visit a particular area of your business, you can measure the traffic, and make adjustments, such as altering displays, or adding signage.

While these visitors are inside your business, you can send wifi users coupons, alerts, and vouchers with our wifi marketing system.

Wifi Marketing can help you:

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