Airport wifi

Things to look for in what might be a good airport wireless experience are:

  • Dual band Wifi – there is typically less congestion and interference on the 5 GHz band.
  • 802.11 N or AC:  the N specification allows MIMO, which can thrive in a multipath RF environment.
  • External antennas:  a casual airport guest will never see the wifi Access Point, however, external antennas can be utilized which have a higher receive signal sensitivity.  A higher signal sensitivity can allow the wifi access point to work with low powered wifi devices.
  • Here are some wifi spectrum snapshots of various airports.  Airports can upgrade their internet bandwidth at any time, so measured speeds can change.
  • Also, airports can add and remove wifi equipment at any time.


Tulsa airport wifi - TUL airport Gate B5 Southwest airlines 2.4 GHz band

Tulsa airport Gate B5 by Southwest airlines, 2.4 GHz
St. Louis airport wifi - STL Lambert airport gate E10

St. Louis Lambert airport gate E10
Dallas airport wifi - DFW food court wifi Gate C22

Dallas airport food court Gate C22
Columbus airport wifi - 2.4 GHz band

Columbus airport – 2.4 GHz band
Birmingham airport wifi - BHM airport food court wifi

Birmingham  BHM airport food court wifi
Airport wifi-Dallas Love Field WiFi snapshot

Dallas Love Field WiFi snapshot
San Antonio airport wifi

San Antonio airport wifi – SAT Concourse B (American & United Airlines) Food Court –Free Wifi. Very good speeds. Measured over 50 Meg up/down with Ookla, over 10 Meg up/down with