We are an Oklahoma wifi provider that installs and supports high-capacity WiFi solutions for businesses, including state fair wifi, stadium wifi, arena wifi, and hotels & conference centers. We supply business-class wifi systems that support multiple wifi devices, with each which consume wireless data and video streaming. For businesses that have contractual requirements to deliver data, they require a commercial grade wifi system.

We can provide access to high-speed Internet access in rural areas where wired services are not readily available.  We partner with CLECs and WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) to provide gigabit backbone connectivity to the wifi system.

Our markets include Stadium Wifi, the hotel and hospitality WiFi industry, Convention Center wifi, RV Park wifi, Universities, Colleges, and Student Housing.

Business wifi is different from residential wifi.

business WiFi solution might require 500 WiFi devices be supported in a small area. However, a residential wifi solution might only need 15 to 20 wifi devices to be covered in the same area.

If a residential grade Access Point (AP) is used in a business environment, the AP could be overloaded with as few as twenty wifi devices.  A professional, business-class wifi Access Point can handle up to 500 wifi devices.

Purchasing business wifi access points is similar to purchasing high performance PC computers.    One can purchase an inexpensive $400.00 PC computer, or a $4,000.00 high performance PC.  One should expect a noticeable difference in performance.  If you purchase a residential WiFi gateway, it might support only 15 to 20 wifi devices.  However, a business wifi access point can support unto 500 wifi devices.

It might be cheaper at first to buy a residential wifi Access Point, however, in the long run it will be cheaper to install a business access point due to reduced trouble calls, and delighted wifi users.

Business Hotel WiFi Solutions can assist businesses in choosing the proper solutions to their business wifi system.

Contact us at 1-844-PRO-WIFI (844-776-9434).

The first iPad has only single band wifi on the 2.4 GHz band.
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Business WiFi requires reliable wifi hardware.
Business Wifi Solutions is a Ruckus Wireless Partner Reseller

Business Wifi Solutions is a Ruckus Wireless partner.