Hospitality wifi demands are increasing every day on hotel wifi systems.

Every member of a family has their own wifi device.  Children play interactive games over wifi.  Teenagers watch streaming video over wifi.  Adults watch sports programming, news programming or home improvement content.  Hotel wifi system design assumes there will be four wifi devices per room.

A business traveler might bring three to four wifi devices:  A laptop, a tablet, and one or two smartphones.


Hospitality Wifi and Hotel Wifi family

Hospitality wifi has to be engineered for very member of a family to be in a hotel room, each demanding quality wifi.

Every member of a family might have their own wifi device.

Hospitality WiFi
Hotel guests are choosing hotels based upon  hotel WiFi system quality reviews.
Hospitality wifi system - guest devices
Hospitality wifi guest devices
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Hospitality wifi systems need to be able to handle to number of wireless devices, and also the bandwidth requirements of those wireless devices.  In addition, the number of access points needs to be appropriate for the amount of wireless bandwidth demands.

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