Social Media Marketing: learn about your customers

You can access a wealth of social media marketing information collated from your Wi-Fi system. You can see real-time customer data that is secure and available at any time.

Social media marketingSocial Media Marketing – Analytics

You can learn about customers shopping habits in your facility.  Our social media Wi-Fi Marketing tool captures foot traffic, dwell times, return visits and frequency, as well as conversion and bounce rates.

This social media marketing data allows you to know when and where someone is in your venue.

Your Wi-Fi system can offer your visitors splash (login) pages with specific branding and advertising to your business, and send targeted emails and SMS in real time.

Social Media Marketing – Location and floorplan analytics

You can view customers’ behavior in your venue in real-time.  You can send marketing collateral to visitors while they move around your facility.  This is possible because we work with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS to track customers in your venue.

Our location based services also reports on how long customers stay in an area, geo fenced foot traffic, and heat mapping.

Social Media Marketing – Customer Reviews

You can receive reviews from your customers Wi-Fi devices through industry leading review sites.

Learn what your customers like with a social media Likes report.

Learn how different demographics behave in your facility.

Test layouts to increase the numbers of people entering your venue.

Work on increasing your guest visitor duration, dwell, and foot traffic.

In addition to social media marketing, we can offer wifi consulting on top quality wifi systems.

Social Media Marketing is Family Friendly with Safe, secure internet browsing

People expect family friendly Wi-Fi in your public places.  We can set up your business guest Wi-Fi network to allow child friendly content filtering.  You can block inappropriate material that isn’t family friendly; content can be blocked according to category.

Public Wi-Fi Legal and security implications

When you give out your Wi-Fi password you are putting your network at risk.   Ideally you should provide a separate and secure system for guest Wi-Fi.

We provide a secure login process and also separate your business Wi-Fi from the guest Wi-Fi, thus protecting your private network.