Stadium WiFi Solutions – Arena Wifi

Business WiFi solutions, LLC designs high capacity stadium level wifi solutions for stadium and arena venues with large crowds.

Stadium WiFi demand is such that some stage acts must bring their own high-quality WiFi systems with them, just like they bring their own sound and lighting systems.  They cannot rely on the existing WiFi at the facility, and to insure high quality WiFi service, they bring their own stadium wifi equipment.  Examples include stage acts, bands, and state fairs.

We can provide access to high-speed Internet access in rural areas where wired services are not readily available.  We partner with CLECs and WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) to provide gigabit backbone connectivity to the wifi system.

Business WiFi Solutions, LLC installs, configures and maintains a hospitality wifi network for businesses so the business can focus on their customers.  We provide your organization best in class wifi hardware and high service levels.

Our WiFi solutions include hotel wifi solutions, motel wifi, managed apartments wifi, RV parks wifi solutions, restaurants wifi, and church wifi solutions.  Wifi connections can be routed thru a captive portal verifying all logins and legally binding hospitality guests to terms and conditions, protecting all parties.

Contact us at 1-844-PRO-WIFI (844-776-9434).

Stadium wifi solutions for acts that bring their commercial grade wifi systems with them.

Stadium wifi

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