Truck stop Wifi solutions – Travel Center Wifi

Truck stop wifi solutions provides solutions engineering to the multipath environment of truck-stop wifi, or Travel Center Wifi.

The metal trailers in truck stops can reflect the wifi signal, creating multiple signal paths (multipath) between the wifi access points and the truck rigs wifi devices.  RV’s at a Travel Center can also affect wifi signal multipath.  Older wifi standards, such as 802.11 A, B, and G were susceptible to multipath wifi interference.  Newer technology actually thrives in a multipath wifi environment, and allows stronger signal strength, and thus higher wifi speeds.

Truckstop wifi systems need to be engineered to the same commercial-grade engineering as hotels and stadium wifi systems because of the multipath engineering problems that are much worse than hotel wifi solutions and stadium wifi solutions.

In order to stream HD video at Travel Centers to drivers rigs & cabs, we supply commercial grade truck stop wifi solutions that allow multiple HD video streams to truck-stops parking areas.

ELD – Electronic logbook – e logs

The FMSCA ELD mandate can put service quality level requirements on existing truck stop wifi reliability .  A carrier may have the electronic logbook data sent over a more expensive cellular data network, or a lower cost wifi network at a truck stop.  Business Wifi Solutions can engineer Wifi solutions for truck stop wifi that can reliably support the FMSCA ELD electronic logbook mandate.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) plans to issue a proposed final rule for electronic logging devices in the Fall of 2015.

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Truck stop wifi solutions

Quality Truck stop wifi solutions are demanded by truckers.